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file01. My Baby Just Cares For Me.mp32017-07-19 05:498966 KB
file02. Love Me Or Leave Me.mp32017-07-19 05:498221 KB
file03. Porgy (live).mp32017-07-19 05:4912385 KB
file04. Mood Indigo.mp32017-07-19 05:509757 KB
file05. Plain Gold Ring.mp32017-07-19 05:499312 KB
file06. Don't Smoke In Bed.mp32017-07-19 05:497796 KB
file07. Central Park Blues.mp32017-07-19 05:5016336 KB
file08. Solitaire.mp32017-07-19 05:498242 KB
file09. You've Been Gone Too Long.mp32017-07-19 05:505201 KB
file10. Just Say I Love Him.mp32017-07-19 05:4915533 KB
file11. Merry Mending.mp32017-07-19 05:496265 KB
file12. Chilly Winds Don't Blow.mp32017-07-19 05:506470 KB
file13. Tomorrow (We Will Meet Once More).mp32017-07-19 05:497184 KB
file14. Under The Lowest (live).mp32017-07-19 05:4912849 KB
file15. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl.mp32017-07-19 05:506559 KB
file16. Cotton Eyed Joe (live).mp32017-07-19 05:497006 KB
file17. Nina's Blues (live).mp32017-07-19 05:4914800 KB
file18. It Don't Mean A Thing.mp32017-07-19 05:506081 KB
file19. Can't Get Out Of This Mood.mp32017-07-19 05:496061 KB
file20. You'll Never Walk Alone.mp32017-07-19 05:499143 KB
file21. I Loves You Porgy.mp32017-07-19 05:5010027 KB
file22. Forbidden Fruit.mp32017-07-19 05:508996 KB
file23. African Mailman.mp32017-07-19 05:497557 KB
file24. He Needs Me.mp32017-07-19 05:505798 KB
file25. Little Girl Blue.mp32017-07-19 05:5010461 KB
file26. Come On Back, Jack.mp32017-07-19 05:505415 KB
file27. No Good Man.mp32017-07-19 05:498677 KB
file28. Brown Baby (live).mp32017-07-19 05:5013804 KB
file29. I Love To Love.mp32017-07-19 05:498058 KB
file30. Summertime (live).mp32017-07-19 05:5013509 KB
file31. It Might As Well Be Spring.mp32017-07-19 05:499339 KB
file32. Bye Bye Blackbird (live).mp32017-07-19 05:5019930 KB
file33. Hey, Buddy Bolden.mp32017-07-19 05:486005 KB
file34. Solitude.mp32017-07-19 05:489111 KB
file35. Stompin' At The Savoy.mp32017-07-19 05:505144 KB
file36. Wild Is The Wind (live).mp32017-07-19 05:498506 KB
file37. Rags And Old Iron.mp32017-07-19 05:499820 KB
file38. Willow Weep For Me.mp32017-07-19 05:507671 KB
file39. Gin House Blues.mp32017-07-19 05:487243 KB
file40. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me.mp32017-07-19 05:506874 KB
file41. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.mp32017-07-19 05:497583 KB
file42. Work Song.mp32017-07-19 05:506131 KB
file43. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out.mp32017-07-19 05:496425 KB
file44. Blue Prelude.mp32017-07-19 05:497982 KB
file45. That's Him Over There.mp32017-07-19 05:485995 KB
file46. Children Go Where I Send You.mp32017-07-19 05:506802 KB
file47. Theme From Middle Of The Night.mp32017-07-19 05:505935 KB
file48. Fine And Mellow (live).mp32017-07-19 05:508115 KB
file49. You Better Know It.mp32017-07-19 05:505880 KB
file50. Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair (live).mp32017-07-19 05:508316 KB
file51. Willow Weep For Me.mp32017-07-19 05:4911832 KB
file52. Something To Live For.mp32017-07-19 05:497109 KB
file53. In The Evening By The Moonlight (live).mp32017-07-19 05:4914902 KB
file54. The Other Woman (live).mp32017-07-19 05:507277 KB
file55. Return Home (live).mp32017-07-19 05:4912615 KB
file56. For All We Know.mp32017-07-19 05:509615 KB
file57. Exactly Like You (live).mp32017-07-19 05:497591 KB
file58. Little Liza Jane (live).mp32017-07-19 05:5010941 KB
file59. The Gal From Joe's.mp32017-07-19 05:485399 KB
file60. I Like The Sunrise.mp32017-07-19 05:497303 KB
fileNina Simone - Platinum Collection (2017).jpg2017-07-19 05:3933 KB