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file1-01 Make It Shine (Victorious Theme).m4a2014-08-25 06:137124 KB
file1-02 Freak the Freak Out.m4a2014-08-25 06:128418 KB
file1-03 Best Friend's Brother.m4a2014-08-25 06:127914 KB
file1-04 Beggin' On Your Knees.m4a2014-08-25 06:127176 KB
file1-05 All I Want Is Everything.m4a2014-08-25 06:126564 KB
file1-06 You're the Reason.m4a2014-08-25 06:126448 KB
file1-07 Give It Up (feat. Elizabeth Gillies & Ariana Grande).m4a2014-08-25 06:115987 KB
file1-08 I Want You Back.m4a2014-08-25 06:126556 KB
file1-09 Song 2 You (feat. Leon Thomas III & Victoria Justice).m4a2014-08-25 06:127926 KB
file1-10 Tell Me That You Love Me (feat. Victoria Justice & Leon Thomas III).m4a2014-08-25 06:125736 KB
file1-11 Finally Falling.m4a2014-08-25 06:126603 KB
file1-12 Leave It All to Shine (feat. Miranda Cosgrove & Victoria Justice).m4a2014-08-25 06:125176 KB
file1-13 Broken Glass (feat. Matt Bennett).m4a2014-08-25 06:135331 KB